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About Us

Connecting and Creating

urbanize(D) is a boutique communications consultancy in the Detroit area that helps local businesses, organizations and people connect with each other.

We are a collective minded consultancy to meet your local event, business and talent needs. Our mission is to take creative team approach when or to manage your strategies, creative design and community relations. From small business entrepreneurs to non-profit events, we provide you with a variety of communication services to meet your individual needs.  For people looking to get further engaged and involved in the region, lack the knowledge or the connections to work towards that goal, we offer a VIP Blackbook that provides personalized contacts and connections. After reviewing client specific needs, we work to create customized community relations plans that are developed to specifically meet the goals of them and their families.

urbanize(D) is dedicated to meeting the local communication and engagement needs of businesses, organizations, and individuals. It is a consultancy meeting the marketing needs of local entrepreneurs and non-profits.  It is also one of the only firms in the area that connects individuals with local organizations and the community. 

urbanize(D) is about connecting the local experience to the community and providing the services needed to generate these relationships.